Animal Welfare 2023

Since 2010 we have been using additional lighting in the form of two to three radio-controlled flashing lights for indoor breeding events. Because not every event hall has such powerful lighting that enables television transmission of sports with high movement speeds (international equestrian events, basketball, etc.).

Apparently, organizers of an event in the recent past complained about the use of our flashlight, so that the organizer felt little need to ban us from taking photos with the radio-controlled flashlights for animal protection reasons.

We would like to understand these thoughts objectively. Reactions from other starters and feeders range from ridiculously amused to angry at this undifferentiated attitude, because then thunderstorms in the wild would also have to be banned.

Be that as it may, we comply with these guidelines and at the same time ask for your understanding if our photos of indoor events will show less colour, brilliance and sharpness in the future.